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Great Lakes Regional College Internet Project 

Great Lakes Regional College is located in a very rural and remote area of Uganda. It is the only college in an 80 mile radius. The students here pay tuition in installments, some of them pay using crops they have harvested like rice, coffee, corn because they have no money. 


Many of these students are touching computers for the very first time in their lives. They have grown up in this rural area and gone to school here and only heard of the internet in theory. They are very bright students, who will give back to their communities through their educations. 


At the moment, the college doesn't have enough money to put in its own internet connection because it has very limited resources to buy everything all at once. Feather River College Enactus in partnership with Uganda Development Initiative has collaborated with Great Lakes Regional College administration to develop a sustainable plan to bring a reliable internet connection to the Great Lakes Regional College. By fundraising for the satellite, the routers and initial service plan, the college can cover ongoing monthly costs. 


Once this college has high speed internet, students will have access to  classes taught over the internet and other resources found on the internet such as Khan Academy, google books, research papers and technology. Access to internet will open access to countless resources for education and self-reliance. 

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