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Our Directors

UDI's Board of Directors, Advisors and Associates are dedicated to pursuing our vision, in line with the "United Nations Millennium  Development Goals". In addition to those listed here, there are many volunteers that work on Committees and Projects.

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Jessica Schendel

S.E.E.D. Project Director

JJessica’s introduction to Uganda was as a year-long volunteer teacher in 1968.  Intending always to return, that dream was realized in 2009 when she and her husband retired and went to volunteer at Great Lakes Regional College, now University.  Working with local leaders they established the SEED Institute (Science Education to Enhance Development) which offers diploma and degree courses in primary and secondary Science Education.  Jessica lives in Massachusetts

Marsha Hunt

Chief Financial Officer

Marsha fell in love with Uganda on her first trip in 2004. Since then she has been a relentless fund raiser as well as organizer.  She has made 12 trips to Uganda, so far.  She truly knows and loves these children and knows the area we work in.  You can read a few of Marsha’s adventures in the “Story’s 4 Your Heart” section.  Marsha is an Emmy Award winning independent producer for Fox Sports and travels around the country filming promotional spots for them.  Marsha is also a Photographer.

Alma Fountain

Board Member

Alma has dedicated much of her life advocating for children and education.  Her love and compassion for children has led her to sponsor children in Uganda and support the fundraisers for Ugandan schools. Alma’s expertise is in computers and web technology and has served as webmaster for several non-profit organizations.

Rev. Rand Reasoner

Board Member, Prince of Peace Liaison

Fr Rand led a Clergy Conference in eastern Uganda in 2006 where he became friends with many of the local people.  He is the rector of Prince of Peace church in Woodland Hills, CA and is an avid supporter of the Ugandan Mission there.  


Board Member

Tom is a Ugandan native currently living in U.S. One of his lifelong goals is to positively position Africa’s image around the world. “We must become the change we want to see in Africa and as Africans. If we want changes in the way and how Africa performs, delivers, is recognized and perceived around the world, then we the Bantu (people) of Africa have to and must be willing to accept responsibilities for producing quality work. For humanitarianism to succeed in Africa, we have to find a way to work collectively.”


Dr. Paul Schendel                                             International Director of SEED Institute

Great Lakes Regional University

Paul is a biochemist and retired cancer researcher and pharmaceutical R&D executive. He and his wife Jessica, in collaboration with Dr Mbabazi conceived of, and built, the SEED Institute at Great Lakes Regional University.  This Institute trains high-quality science teachers, which are critically needed in rural Uganda.  With the help of these teachers, we will be able to give local students the prerequisites needed to pursue careers in science and technology and bring these skills back to their communities to create jobs and solve local problems.


Linda Armstrong

Board Member

Linda became an advocate for Uganda from hearing inspiration messages given from the founders of UDI's sponsorship program. After 3 trips there in the past 10 years, she continues to fall in love with all the people, the country and the projects.


Rev. Onesmus Tayebwa

Board Member 

Julie Fanton

Founding CEO, Advisor

Julie has been working with the Ugandan people since 2002.  She has raised funds for 7 elementary and college buildings and has run the Child Sponsorship Program since 2002. Julie is an award winning set decorator for television shows.

Brad Hemmings

Former Board Member, Advisor

Brad was a member of the 2004 team that went to Africa for the dedication of our first building created at the college level.  The team held conferences there and in Central Buganda with a special invitation by SOMA – Sharing of Ministries Abroad.  Brad is also very involved in ministries to China and has gone on several mission trips and sponsored children in both places. 


Sue Ferron    

Deacon George & Dauna Packer

Rev. Sam & Joy Magala

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