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UDI's Vision


"The Purpose of Uganda Development Initiative is to initiate, encourage and finance sustainable development in Uganda, with an emphasis on education."

Join us!

Our VISION is to provide Education for Children through the building ofSchools & Libraries, upgrade quality of life through Child Sponsorship, promote development and help eradicate poverty by teaching Science & Technology, and Sustainable Agricultural & Farming.

Who We Are

UDI is dedicated to continuing to build schools to provide Education from entry level Primary through Graduate Degrees in College.

We believe that education is the unique element to fulfilling needs not only in Uganda, but in all of the emerging world.


  • By teaching modern Sustainable Agricultural Farming methods along with an education on proper conservation of farmland, generations will be able to grow better crops to help support the inhabitants of the villages. They will also learn about improving their diet and the importance of proper nutrition. This education will lessen the impact of  disease, hunger and poverty as greater crops become available.

  • Education can also create a movement towards advanced professions such as Engineers and Social Scientists who can continue to build infrastructure  to assist in transporting food from areas of abundance to areas of need. This will also open up marketplaces for fruits and vegetables to be sold to support communities.

  • Education can create gender equality in several ways. Young women will gain a better understanding of the dangers of early preteen and teen marriage. This knowledge and avoidance will greatly reduce infant and maternal mortality exponentially. Education also gives hope to these young women, who will have an opportunity to further their education and find trades that may interest them. It also provides for a better understanding of health and birth issues. 

  • Advanced Studies! College students,  now at Great Lakes College, will be graduating and moving into fields and professions that will help grow their local communities.


UDI does not believe in throwing money at a problem. We are in the trenches, working closely with our Ugandan associates. UDI Volunteers from the United States travel to Uganda to bring necessary supplies, do hands on work, teach and provide support. 

We are committed to making a difference in the world and our efforts are showing in Uganda.


Wherever UDI sends aid, we make sure that there is a viable program in place, and we ALWAYS do our best to resource our programs locally

It does not help with Community Sustainability to take a million dollars from the USA, buy goods from China and send them to Africa. It does not stimulate their economy or empower the people at all and we want to make sure that the Ugandan people are fully involved and invested in their own recovery.

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