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Youth Leaders


I am involved in UDI because I have a great desire to help people. I’ve traveled all over the world, including many countries that are similar to Uganda,

and I see that they need a lot of help.


I’m glad that I can help spread awareness about their needs and problems. I also help raise money for Education by telling my friends, and through cool fundraiser challenges. This is important to do, we all play a part and can help more than you think.


 I’ve worked in wildlife conservation for many years and I’m glad now to be able to help lead this great effort for Education and Clean Water, as a Youth Leader for UDI. I think this is a wonderful cause and I am more than glad to be of service. I hope you will be too, and will join us in our efforts, every person makes a difference!


I'm involved in UDI because I love helping anyone or anything in need!

I get so attached to the idea that I can help. What I do, is talk to my school about fundraisers and activities we could do to raise money.


What I have done so far is; I have talked to my student counselor and told her about UDI and my ideas for raising money for it. I do all this because it makes me feel good and I can tell people that I make a difference.



I am a senior at Calabasas High School.

I joined UDI Youth because I feel the need to help the less fortunate in any way that I can, whether it be sending money to build a science building or starting a school supplies drive or sending gardening supplies for a sustainable healthy meal every day.


I lead a very athletic lifestyle with one

or more activities everyday like hiking, running, surfing, etc. I also enjoy the sport of archery, which I believe helps improve concentration and quick decision making.


One of my favorite things to do when I

do have spare time is to read, which not only improves the elasticity of your mind but also improves our vocabulary.

In high school I compete in the time honored sport of wrestling which has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and the original Olympics.

TEAM - In Action

Our USA Team Leaders:


When I was 11 years old, my mom and her organization ENACTUS were planning a trip to Uganda. I thought it was cool, especially since they had less than 2 months to plan/get vaccinations, get travel tickets etc, etc, etc. Then my mom jokingly offered for me to come along on the 2 week journey, mostly of volunteer work, and also some tourism.  And if you know me, I take things seriously and am always up for adventure. So obviously I said: You would have to be really stupid to miss an opportunity like that… YESSSS!!!!


When we arrived after several hours of flights and layovers, Gerald greeted us, and drove us through Kampala, the capitol of Uganda. Imagine people in our capitol DC, fetching dirty water and struggling to survive the average day. Well that’s what majority of Kampala is like. That’s when I knew what I was here on Earth for. To help people.  To travel. To not be average…


Working Together in Unison



With Youth comes great responsibility….

We are the youth of America reaching out to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Although we are young, we are strong and have great heart for Uganda!

Working together, we can make a difference that will bring hope and a brighter tomorrow

to kids across the globe. Kids that have dreams and wishes, just like we do!


Individually, we can each take small steps towards planning fundraising, and spreading awareness – but together we make great strides in the war against poverty, inequality and disease through our support of UDI’s outstanding Education program andClean Water Projects!


Soon we will be posting additional information on our Fundraising Projects with include

Special Events (like blowout Lazer Tag Parties!), Youth Challenges with some great information and prizes that you can win for your group, class at school or individually!


We'll even be spotlighting kids from all over our Communities that are making a difference through 'Spreading the News' and their Fundraising Efforts!  Also, check back soon for our upcoming Blog, Event Calendar, and TONS of ideas on how you can help! We want to hear your ideas too! So please CONTACT US with your interest and ideas!


Check out our Project Pages or click Buttons on the right!

You too can join our team! 

Tell us what

your interests are, and lets

get to work


No project is too small, or insignificant!

We support all efforts to fundraise, spread awareness and promote UDI Youth Groups Projects! The difference you will make in a young life, 1/2 way across the globe will be felt forever!

NO matter what your age, you can contribute your special skills, talents and interests to help!

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