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My Mabare Rabbits Project
by Alicia Bagley
January 2013 & June 2014


Have you ever thought about the efficiency of rabbits? Or how lack of protein could affect you?

Well read my article and learn about my project... Anyway my name is Alicia Bagley. I am 12, and have been to beautiful Uganda twice, January of 2013 and June of 2014. I hope to live there one day, too. When I went in 2013, because of my awesome mom’s organization ENACTUS for a water project, I noticed many villagers of Mabare were very short or malnourished. After recently taking an interest in meat rabbits in 4-H, I took thought of an idea... Meat rabbits in Uganda. I took this idea seriously and spent hours worth in research.


Rabbits for meat?

-the most nutritious meat known to man

-less fat than poultry, pork, beef, or lamb

-has half the cholesterol of any other meat

-has 21% protein, where poultry has 20%, beef has 16%, pork has 13%

I think yes...

Rabbits are also crazy efficient.


*A pair of rabbits, ( a buck and doe ) can produce over 200 pounds of meat per year*

That’s when I decided to take on the rabbit project...

My goals: for 20 children of Mabare to have rabbits for profit (pay for school fees and or health care, etc).


I fundraised a little over $350 (or 875,000 schillings) by spreading the word through my 4-H power point presentation. With this fundraising, researching and empowerment, I was able to personally give out over 50 female rabbits to the Mabare’s local children. Eventually they would breed their does to Peace’s bucks.


Peace, my partner in the project is going to help the children to care for the rabbits.


If you would like to contact me, or learn more about my projects, email me at

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