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Child Sponsorship

The Children of Uganda need

your support


Your donation of any amount helps provide life giving resources to children and youth in need.

Join our proud supporters in sponsoring a child today! Groups can also sponsor one or more child!

You will bring hope and joy to these young hearts!

UDI has had great success with our Child Sponsorship program since it’s inception in 2002. The program was developed under the leadership of UDI’s first CEO, Julie Fanton. Our current Directors have great passion for the program and have continued to expand it through their first hand experiences with the wonderful children in Uganda. Although our current focus is on the areas in and around South Western Uganda, our vision knows no



As proof of our success in our sponsored schools,  the latest ‘primary school exit exams’ have averaged far above the neighboring primary schools – AND the country has taken notice! This credit is due to the many dedicated teachers and sponsors whom through their continued support and dedication, have improved the lives of the many children who would have otherwise been left behind. Many of our sponsored children began in

elementary school and are now in High School or approaching College!


We are making a difference – and your support will bring countless joy to a child who will be enabled to follow their dreams of a proper education and improved life. 


For as little as $250 a year, YOU can provide a child with an education that includes all school fees,

a uniform they can be proud to wear, and a hot protein meal EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR!


Although the High School  is also supported by Volunteer Uganda, in Great Britain, money donated for these students also comes

as a great help. Donations of any amount are welcomed! Every dollar counts, provides hope to future generations and improves lives!


The difference UDI and your dollars make is apparent in the smiling faces of these children! Aside from an educational advances we can track, there is marked improvement in overall lifestyle including health, personal hygiene and overall awareness of ways they can sustain the improvements in their own lives.

The Children

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