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Youth Outreach

You Can Join Us! There are tons of ways that you can make a difference!

Check back often for announcements, contests and updates on our progress.

Make sure you check our Local Events schedule so you can participate too!




  • Challenge your friends to join you in collecting spare change for a special  'Uganda Donation Jar' then at the end of the month ask a parent  to help you make the donation online! Garett collected over $1300 this way!

  • Ask your School Principal if you could have a class competition creating 'Spare Change Jars' and we'll supply a PIZZA PARTY to the winning class!

  • Gather up extra school supplies, gently used items as well and call us for a pick up so we can ship it to youths in need.

  • Plan your Boy Scout, Eagle Scout Project to benefit UDI's youth efforts. We'll even give you a page on our site to promote it!

  • Organzine a CarWash, Lazer Tag or Bowling party, Community Rally, Dance or Jog a thon and donate the proceeds! Our Youth Group hosted a yard sale and donated everything to UDI's programs!

  • Come by a Monthly Meeting in your area and bring your ideas or organize a local Youth Chapter - we'll support you with materials and promotional items!

  • Write a short story about your efforts for our BLOG & CONTEST SITE, submit it to us through this link:   Once a month we will select a youth to spotlight on our Youths In Action page! It could be you! Join us today!


Youth Spotlight of the Month

Local Events Calendar

Youth Blog

Contest Site

Keep checking this page for updates!

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