We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Many employers will match your donation if you provide them with the proper form. These "Matching Gifts" help us tremendously and double your initial donation! Please assist us by downloading the FORM.

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. You may select to donate toward a specific project or to the general fund. We also gratefully welcome corporate donations and grants.
Questions? Please fill the form in the Contact Us page.

Please send checks to:

Uganda Development Initiative (UDI)

11693 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 251

  Los Angeles, CA 90049



Send your donation by using 

Zelle Phone # 818 223 1935

This is a safe, quick and easy way to transfer money from your bank account to Uganda Development Initiative
No extra charge or fees!

Every dollar counts and these children need our help!

$25 will feed, clothe and provide an education for a child for an entire month.

For as little as $250.00 you can sponsor a child in need for a year.
Please consider asking friends, family and colleagues to join you as a group effort! 

Student fees for the SEED Institute are minimal by our standards but unaffordable to most families in this rural district of subsistence farmers.


Help us establish the FUTURE TEACHER FUND to provide loans to students pursuing a qualification in Science Education in the Great Lake Regional College - Science Institute. This is a re-cycling, sustainable fund! Loan re-payments from graduates will go back to the fund for use by the next students in need of assistance.  More Info...

  • Science Education (S.E.E.D.) - Future Teachers Fund 

Help bring this vision to life! Scientific Buildings, Labs and Academics will enable students at Great Lakes Regional College to pursue an education that will help bring Technology, Science, Medical Care and more to Uganda. Education changes lives.  More Info...

  • Science Education (S.E.E.D.) General Fund 

Dollars donated here also help support many life changing UDI projects in Uganda. These include:

  • Health and Wellness Projects (such as supplying mosquito nets, clean water and medical care) 

  • Educational and Enrichment Programs - including building maintenance, school supplies

  • Donate towards Most Needed UDI Projects


Please contact us if you would like to see your donation allocated

to a specific project not mentioned,  or you can describe the project

on the form on the Contact Us page.


We welcome all interest and suggestions .

Any amount for Child Sponsorship

$250 to Sponsor a Child for a Year