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Science Education to

Enhance Development

Current Needs



We are making great progress but there is lots of work still to be done ~ your support is VITAL!




Student fees for the SEED Institute are minimal by our standards

but unaffordable to most families in this rural district of subsistence farmers.


The FUTURE TEACHERS FUND provides loans to students who are pursuing a qualification in Science Education:


Diploma in Science Education: trains students to teach science up to

      ‘O’ level  (US equivalent of 10th. grade)

      Cost: $600 per annum for 2 years


Degree in Science Education: trains students to teach science up to

      ‘A’ level (US equivalent of 12th. grade)

      Cost: $1,100 per annum for 3 years


Once graduates are employed in local schools, loan re-payments will

be deducted from their salaries and channeled back into the Future Teacher Fund, to be used by the next student in need of assistance.

This is a re-cycling, sustainable fund!


To sponsor a student, please send a check with

‘Future Teacher Fund’ on the memo line or

select this option in the Donate page.




        There are still some costs associated with preparing the facility for the enrollment of students in 2015 - plumbing for lab sinks, work benches, white boards, overhead projectors, etc…



        We are receiving generous donations of equipment from science-based companies in the US, however there are costs associated with transportation and installation.  Supplies of reagents and other renewables will also need to be purchased.



        There are costs associated with setting up the computer lab and e-library.




To donate to the General fund, please send a check with

‘SEED General Fund’ on the memo line or

select this option in the Donate page.







Other ways to help


Can you help us raise the money to finish the next phase of this project? 


Do you know of individuals who might be interested in joining us in this exciting venture?



Do you know of companies which might have used equipment to give away or whose employees could take a leave of absence to work with us at the SEED Institute?


Do you know of foundations or other funding sources we might approach? 


To contact us:

Paul Schendel, International Director, SEED Institute

Jessica Schendel    


To learn more about the College, check out this video produced by Volunteer Uganda, our UK partner charity:



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